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Investing in the future of a sustainable food supply chain

What we do


We invest up to £2m to unlock the potential of your company’s growth.

Industry Expertise

With over 100 years combined experience working in agriculture, food production, FMCG and international sales, we offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise. 


Our team of proven industry professionals will offer support and guidance based on the specific needs of the business e.g. Sales, Marketing, Operations, Strategy and Finance.


We have long established relationships and connections with the leading national food retailers and distributors across the UK & Ireland. 

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Who can we help?

Who can we help?

Agri food and Ag tech innovators

...searching for Seed or Series A funding...
Leading businesses who want to embark on their next stage of growth across the UK & Ireland
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Partnerships and Projects

Cottagequinn Enterprises is an investment company which provides capital, value added partnership and industry specific resources to founders and management teams who want to grow their business

Noisy Snacks
Cottagequinn Farms
Evolution Farming
Sea Forest

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"AgriWebb is delighted to engage with forward-thinking livestock operations like Cottegequinn both as customers as well as shareholders. Quite unique to Cottegequinn is the triad of storied industry experience, broad connectivity and extensive practical execution.  From that foundation, they are both aligned with our mission and central to advising our roadmap.  We are fortunate to count the Cottegequinn team as mentors, partners and friends."

Justin Webb - Founder & Chairman AgriWebb



Cottagequinn Enterprises has a team of proven investment professionals who understand what it takes to start, scale and exit businesses.

We are a long term ethical partner who aims to build a culture of trust and integrity with the companies we invest in.


Our goal is to help businesses realise their full potential providing capital, knowledge and talent where it is needed.

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Jim Dobson Cottagequinn Enterprises
Matthew Dobson Cottagequinn Enterprises
Colin Potts Cottagequinn Enterprises
Neil Hubbard Cottagequinn Enterprises
Ian Sheppard Cottagequinn Enterprises

Jim Dobson


Matthew Dobson

Managing Director

Colin Potts

Finance Director

Neil Hubbard

Sales and Marketing  Director

Ian Sheppard

Non Executive Director



Am I eligible for investment?
Cottagequinn Enterprises are eager to invest in companies which are UK & Ireland based, have a strong management team, company owned IP, are established companies that are revenue generating or close to revenue generating with a commercial pipeline in place

How do I apply?

Using this proposal template (CLICK ON THE LINK TO ACCESS PROPOSAL TEMPLATE) will help you provide all the information we need. Send your investment funding proposal (not full business plan) to

What is your ticket size?

We will invest up to £2 million


What stage do you invest in?

We typically invest between the Seed and Series A stage of a startup. However, we welcome applications from businesses in a growth curve who are looking investment to take them to the next level.

What we do

Cottagequinn Enterprises is a leading investor of early stage and established Agri Food and Ag Tech companies who invest in companies with a vision to sustainably feed the world.


We believe in creating value added partnerships through financial and intellectual support in forward-thinking, innovative businesses.


We understand the highly specific needs of emerging businesses.


We have built our foundations on providing the right resources that enables access to the relevant customer markets and delivers sustainable growth into the future. 

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